Announcements service based on intelligent visual traffic (SVT). Using LED technology at strategic points and virtual communication platforms (DELFINapps, Facebook, Twitter), together form an innovative fusion for advertising listings in our society, smart economical and environmentally friendly.

How It Works??

Delfinads is an ad serving system, smart, mass, effective and economical.

Unlike conventional advertising services (press, radio, neighborhood boards), Delfinads integrates visual traffic with virtual traffic on internet.

In the Visual part Our client (advertiser) send an SMS through GSM mobile network (any cell phone) to our server with the content of your ad. In this SMS you have to specify the location of the LED screen where you want your ad published. The network of screens is increasing every day around our country in restaurants, ironmonger centers, schools, pharmacies, transport, malls, bars and other high traffic points.

At the virtual part, the ad pass from our server to Web portals: delfí (classified ads portal), Facebook and Twitter, to complement consumers that are present in the virtual network.

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