DELFINapps born about two years ago based on industrial and commercial experiences to develop technological solutions for different customers,, from industries to consumers..

Our main resource is the people working at Delfinapps and their knowledge,, together we are capable to offer innovative solutions and working models to satisfy our customers..

Integrity and universalization are permanent values in our products to reach every level of users,, from single business man to corporate organizations..


Our Team:

Our Skills

Sergio Solis
Director / cofounder
Dharma Encinas
Director / cofounder
Pamela Blacutt
Front end developer

Business Manager with extensive experience in industrial sector and trade. Able to identify value chain processes, implementation and consequences for each business model, industrial, distribution, detail, and consumption. Related metals industry, electronics, automotive and other, trade in Latin America and opportunities.

Business Manager with experience in supermarket industry, industrial and consumer. Able to analyze internal flows within organizations, management and control, identifying opportunities and threats in service centers or production cost for our customers.

Electronic Engineer with experience in electronics and programming. Able to interpret and analyze business solutions, interact and provide added value through digital technologies, vital to the operation of the business of our customers.